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About Jing Li



Jing was born in 1996, Lianyungang, China. She graduated with BA in Film photography at LuXun, Academy of Fine Arts, Shengyang, China, 2020, MA in Arts Administration and Culture policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK, 2021.  ​


She is interested to use multiple media to express personal memory and the urban regeneration process. Jing is open to display, exhibition, artist residency, and community art workshop opportunities. 


( I'm here, What are you interested to know? ) ​​



德普特福 Deptford

Deptford X, 15 - 26 September, 2022 

德普特福 is the Chinese translation of Deptford. It does not have specific meanings, while every world has a meaning, if explain in this way, 德普特福 means moral ordinary people are indeed lucky.

The inspiration of this piece is from the basket I had during my childhood. It was made from plastic bag waste, my grandma had nimble hands to reuse the waste and make them beautiful and durable.

I am aware of the plastic packages used in daily life, so I collected the food packs from my daily consumption and Deptford High Street, which presents my involvement in this community through the process of splitting, combining and mixing.

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