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Edinburgh | The journey at the stage

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

How can I start this story? Emmm, the Airbnb host left me a review that a girl who really likes trees. 🌲 Yup, that is me who was asking the landlord, are plums eatable? did your cat pick for us? Would it be possible to climb the tree? May I eat more? with my sincere and exciting smile.

I went to Edinburgh for the fringe festival, the one was the case study of my major to talk through the impact of culture on cities. The city is alive, the atmosphere infected me to be more passionate because the people there. It was easy to find companions to share and enjoy.

During three days there, I watched 6 shows and went on a guided tour. It was hard to distinguish whether were you at the stage or life. The show I liked the most was The man who planted trees, which had smells of lavender and mint. They brought the very gentle breeze to take me to experience the forest, to feel the power of single human.

The smells also related to the guided tour I went on. The grass smelled fresh and looked fluffy. Blackberries and golden lights led you to the top of mountain, and the other side was sea. I forgot the details of conversations, but smells are still here, and won't forget.

The view of that day

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