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Paris | A city of Chinese food

I did not have snails, cheeses and wine.

First of all, the appetizer of Paris was the tons of chinses and Korean cooking channels. Eating alone and working from home can be frustrating, this is the reason that Japanese food videos are not on my list. The contents of these channels are almost the same - families are cooking together or grandparents/ parents are preparing dinner. They talk about the day and share some stories during cooking, maybe we can just call cooking bonding. I enjoy the process of being a good assistant, the best taster and a fast runner who escapes dishwashing.

Secondly, according to the analysis of Amanda Erickson (2017), there are around 600k Chinese immigrants in Paris, which has the largest Chinese community. The immigrant history can date back to before World War 1. In contrast to London, they keep the same cooking way and taste as in China, My classmate sent me a 'whitepaper' of must-go Chinese restaurants, but I did not really follow the suggestions. Randomly searching google map, I picked the nearest one, Happy Noodles. The noodle with Tsingtao beer literally took me back home, just cried in my heart and talked with myself, Jing, this is your spiritual harbour.

Finally, I admit the pride in my region's food. My habit of going to a new city is to have Chinese food firstly, this is the quickest way to connect to the land. My family always say 上车饺子,下车面, which means the last meal before leaving home is dumplings, and the first food after arriving is noodles. The shape of dumplings looks like YuanBao ( ancient Chinese currency), so it is the wish that people who are far away from home can achieve something in their journey. Noodles, smooth going, everything will go well in the future.

Have some great Chinese food in Paris!


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