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Spain | A slow pace travel in Barcelona & Valencia

Before starting the new position, I carried the moods that ' Wonderful, finally have the holiday!' and ' Kill me, what should I do to find potential clients!' Spain is definitely the country that can release stress.

For the first four days, I lived in the hostels in Barcelona, Zero Barcelona and Generator. They have huge differences, I agree with the opinion that name is part of personality. Zero Barcelona is a brand new hostel near the sea, using the app to open doors, talk and hang out with fellows who live there. The floor of the shower area and toilets are separate with rooms, quiet and clean, I did not even meet anyone who I lived with thanks to the blinds of the bed.

Waked up late, and found outdoor spaces to have breakfasts, the day past pretty much half. It was enjoyable to walk around the beach, the sea was shining under the sun as the sweat. I followed the suggestions from John, Amigoulab and went to Kbr Photography Centre. The exhibition of Maria Bleda & Jose Maria Rosa. They record 'the atmospheric absence', what a genius description of history and memory. The pictures are soft, bringing me the feeling of using pastels, the wind blows, and dust flies away, leaving a faint colour on the white.

Generator is located in the centre, two streets away from Sagrada Familia. A bar is on the first floor, drinks are helpful to connect people, and ... I had a sociable roommate, who said he is shy but helped me meet seven individuals.

Six museums in Barcelona are united to release Art Passport! The price is 35 euros for all tickets at these museums, including Catalunya national museum, Picasso Museum, MACBA... and! Do you like collecting samples! If you like it and you are an art person, it is worth having one. Catalunya national museum is my highlight, it has a distance from town, high off the ground. Some stalls, music, nature sounds, noises, real heaven.

Chuff, chuff, 5 hours small train from Barcelona to Valencia.

For nothing, just sea. I told Ines, my Airbnb host, that I like Sorolla's painting. She said he was painting on the beach here, same sands and sea under your feet.

Image: Joaquín Sorolla, 'Strolling along the Seashore', 1909 © Fundación Museo Sorolla, Madrid

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