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Introduce JingLi. Art

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Thank you for being on this website. It already cheers me up to chase my dream - being an artist.

I have fallen in love with art from a very young age. However, 'artist' never went to my career plan. It needs faith in it, while I was doubting a lot.

The study taught me one most important thing - to express real feelings and emotions. The reality is powerful regardless of medium you choose. Urban generation and family bonding are my interests because many areas related to my beautiful memories were demolished. I am haunting the world to find a sense of belonging.

Before relocating to London, I only went abroad twice. London was the first western city I visited, but it did not scare me. I am used to jumping out of my comfort zone to expect an unexpected life. For two years here, I have visited many maginificant exhibitions, talked with fascinating people, and seen myself deeply. Currently, I want to travel around to find out some answers without questions.

I am grateful that arts always be with me wherever and whenever I am.

Drawn at 2008

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